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Dotfiles configuration management system

This repository contains my personal Arch based configuration management system. Though I use Arch, you can use this system on any Unix based system as it is written mostly in bash.

Design goals


Group together related configurations, dependencies and scripts into bundles.


Each configuration bundle knows how to deploy itself. No global knowledge is needed. The only requirement is to be compatible with the simple deployment API.

Simple user interface

I like to use make as an interface for my tools and projects. It is present almost every system and provides a clean usage in contrast to scripts based interfaces.

$ make
                .o0 ~ DOTFILES make interface ~ 0o.

   help            Prints out this help message.

   all             Performs all commands at once.

   install         Installs the dependencies.
   install-custom  Executes the custom dependency installations.
   deploy          Deploys the configuration files.



Every configuration bundle can and should be documented separatedly. This helps others (and ourselves as time passes) to understand the configuration

Deployment API

Every configuration bundle and script group has to comply with the Deployment API in order to be able to handled by the system.


This project is under the MIT license. See the included LICENSE file.

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