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An IRC chat-bot type program that tries to emulate Nikky Southerland of
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NikkyBot is an IRC chatbot that primarily attempts to imitate Nikky Southerland
on EFNet.  It works via a hybrid of pattern/reply lookup tables with a Python-
written engine inspired by AIML and Markov chaining, with some occasional
custom Python code sprinkled around for special cases.

Travis Evans
‘tev’ on EFNet


In public channels, speak to the chatbot by including its nickname in your line
(i.e., highlight it).  It will also respond to private messages/queries; it is
not necessary to highlight it in this case.

Commands/special features


Get a list of Markov personalities available, via private notice (used for
“mimic” and “botchat”, explained below).

mimic [<personality>|someone [<message>]]

Say a line imitating <personality> using the NikkyBot engine, replying to
optional <message>.  “someone” can be used to select a random personality.
If no arguments are given, a random personality will be mimicked with a random

mimic tev
mimic kerm Hi, KermM!
mimic someone
mimic someone TI-89

botchat <personality1> <personality2>

Generates a “conversation” between two NikkyBot engines, using the given
personalities.  This may take a few to several minutes.  NikkyBot will then
provide a link to the Pastebinned transcript.

botchat nikky netham45

don't highlight me

Causes NikkyBot to attempt to avoid highlighting your current nick when it
speaks by inserting a ‘·’ character somewhere in it.  This command will need to
be repeated if your nick changes.

highlight me

Undoes the effect of “don't highlight me”.  NikkyBot will speak your current
nick normally again.
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