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Mage_Shell scripts to help manage Magento installations.


Magento contains a little-known shell abstract class to manage Magento via CLI. While there are a few concrete classes, the core doesn't ship with much functionality. This projects aims to augment the CLI interface and provide some useful tools.

The Tools

  • cache: All functionality that exists in the admin cache management panel. Plus some more! Really useful in deployment scripts.
  • snapshot: Create a compressed tar archive of the /media directory and a database dump into a directory called /snapshot. Useful for developers bootstrapping their local environments off of an existing development environment.
  • More to be added...


You can use this shell script like the other Magento shells. Help is provided.

Here's example help output from the cache tool:

Usage:  php -f cache.php -- [options]
  info                          Show Magento cache types.
  --enable <cachetype>          Enable caching for a cachetype.
  --disable <cachetype>         Disable caching for a cachetype.
  --refresh <cachetype>         Clean cache types.
  --flush <magento|storage>     Flushes slow|fast cache storage.

  cleanmedia                    Clean the JS/CSS cache.
  cleanimages                   Clean the image cache.
  destroy                       Clear all caches.
  help                          This help.

  <cachetype>     Comma separated cache codes or value "all" for all caches


Magento (with shell). The script was developed on EE 1.9, but should work with any Magento version that has the /shell directory.


Installation is very simple! Clone/copy the contents of /shell to your Magento /shell directory.