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A discoursive social model for tiddlers
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A discoursive social model for tiddlers

TiddlySpace provides a shared hosting environment for lots of users using lots of Tiddlers, contained in "spaces". Each space may be presented as a TiddlyWiki or in one of several other representations (e.g. HTML, Atom, JSON).

Spaces can optionally include other spaces to add content and functionality. Content can easily be followed, copied, shared, and modified to create a network of learning and sharing. Tiddlers can also be used as a flexible key value data store, allowing the creation of interesting JavaScript-based applications.

TiddlySpace is an open source project managed by Osmosoft with contributions from the TiddlyWiki and TiddlyWeb communities. TiddlySpace can be used on the public website, or groups can host their own.

If you are interested in helping to develop TiddlySpace, have a look at the roadmap.

Copyright 2012 UnaMesa Association BSD Licensed.

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