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The TiddlyWeb and TiddlyWiki plugins and associated stuff for making a multi-user TiddlyWiki.

Host TiddlyWikis with TiddlyWeb

This package provides the necessary TiddlyWeb and TiddlyWiki plugins to allow TiddlyWeb to host multiple TiddlyWikis as a collaborative environment for one or more users. See:

for installation instructions and links to more information about TiddlyWeb.

The packages supplements TiddlyWeb by adding:

  • useful TiddlyWiki oriented twanager commands
  • a twinstance script for creating new TiddlyWiki-enabled TiddlyWeb instances
  • the necessary TiddlyWiki plugins to save Tiddlers back to the TiddlyWeb server
  • a serialization that will turn any collection of Tiddlers into a TiddlyWiki
  • a "default" recipe to get things started

Once you have installed the package the twinstance command will be available and can be used to create a new instance. After that you can start a server and visit the default wiki:

  • twinstance aninstance
  • cd aninstance
  • twanager server
  • Open a web browser to to see the default wiki. Go to to browse around.
  • If tiddlywebwiki.friendlywiki is True (the default) in then any recipe may be addressed at /{recipe_name} to retrieve the named recipe as a TiddlyWiki.

If you have questions, comments or issues follow the guidance at:

If you are new to TiddlyWeb or TiddlyWiki see:


TiddlyWebWiki is released under the BSD License and is copyright 2009-2014 UnaMesa Association.

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