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Here are some frequently asked questions! If you feel like there should be something added please edit this page!

When searching for a TV Show, it appears and then disappears straight away! Or doesn't appear at all!

This is due to our TV Provider TV Maze not having the metadata we need to process that TV Show. We require TV Maze to supply us with a TVDBId for that show. You can easily check this by calling the TV Maze API: http://api.tvmaze.com/search/shows?q=Dexter

You can see under the externals object there should be a theTvDb property. If that is null then Ombi cannot process that show.

You can request the theTvDb id to be added here

Ombi is not picking up TV shows and episodes as available

So the main reason for this is that we require TVDB information and your TV library in Plex probably doesn't have this metadata information. To fix this you need to Edit your Library > Advanced > Agent = TheTVDB

Refresh the metadata for that library and then once the Plex Sync job runs it should then pick up that the content now has TheTVDB Id's!

How do I setup Ombi to enable mail notifications, using Office 365 or gmail?

  1. Go to Email Notifications in the Ombi menu, and make sure "Enabled" and "Enable SMTP authentication" is checked. If you want to activate user email notifications as well, make sure that is checked.
  2. In the SMTP Host name or IP, use smtp.office365.com for O365 or smtp.gmail.com for gmail
  3. In SMTP port use 587 for O365, or 465 for gmail
  4. In Email sender use your o365 or gmail address. Do note that setting up an alias on your o365/gmail mailaccount allows you to use an address other than your main one.
  5. Set email recipient to any email you want to test against.
  6. Fill in your full email address and password in the username and password field. Note: If you're using 2FA on your Google account you'll first need to generate an app password. and use this in place of your normal password.

Submit these settings, and then you can run a test, and check that everything is working.

How to configure Ombi to talk to Plex Cloud:

  1. Go to https://plex.tv/users/cpms and at the bottom is your plex url. It will be https://something.ric.plex.services
  2. Copy that URL entirely, including the https:// into the Ombi Plex Hostname or IP field
  3. Change the port to 443
  4. Select the SSL checkbox
  5. Select Test Connectivity

Notifications for requests not being received

  1. Check and test if you have configured the notification(s) as per instructions in Discord Notification Settings and Email Notification Settings
  2. If testing the notification(s) work fine then make sure that the user requesting is not an auto approve or admin user

Ombi does not default to English or my preferred language

This is mostly an issue with Chrome. Ombi sets whatever is the first language your browser presents, you can run the command navigator.languages in the Chrome console to see the list.

To get Ombi to display the language you want, make that language appear as the first entry in the above command.

You can do this by going to the language settings in Chrome (chrome://settings/languages) > click the down arrow next to Language > click the 3 ellipsis by the language you want to set as default > click move to the top. Please set Chrome to use this as display language as well.

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