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stat_contour and geom_contour throwing errors when attempting to use z axis #1577

lazarillo opened this issue Mar 9, 2016 · 2 comments
bug an unexpected problem or unintended behavior


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I also submitted this via StackOverflow, since I wasn't 100% sure if the problem were user error or an actual problem with the code.

Successful Run

It's possible I do not understand the expectations, however, if I follow the example at stat_contour's documentation, I successfully get:

# Generate data
library(reshape2) # for melt
volcano3d <- melt(volcano)
names(volcano3d) <- c("x", "y", "z")

# Basic plot
v <- ggplot(volcano3d, aes(x, y, z = z))
v + stat_contour()

leading to:

proper stat_contour plot

Unsuccessful Run

However, when I try to do what appears to be _exactly the same thing with exactly the same data types_, I have errors:

my_plt <- ggplot(diamonds, aes(depth, carat, z=price))
my_plt + stat_contour()


Warning message:
Computation failed in `stat_contour()`:
(list) object cannot be coerced to type 'double' 

Debugging Attempt

The only potential difference I could imagine, especially with the error I was receiving, was an object type difference. So, here are some details there:

  • volcano3d

      x y   z
    1 1 1 100
    2 2 1 101
    3 3 1 102
    4 4 1 103
    5 5 1 104
    6 6 1 105


    volcano3d %>% sapply(class)
         x         y         z 
    "integer" "integer" "numeric" 
  • diamonds

    diamonds %>% select(depth, carat, price) %>% head
    Source: local data frame [6 x 3]
      depth carat price
      (dbl) (dbl) (dbl)
    1  61.5  0.23   326
    2  59.8  0.21   326
    3  56.9  0.23   327
    4  62.4  0.29   334
    5  63.3  0.31   335
    6  62.8  0.24   336


    diamonds %>% select(depth, carat, price) %>% sapply(class)
        depth     carat     price 
    "numeric" "numeric" "numeric" 

I cannot see any reason why I should be getting these errors. Any ideas??


@hadley hadley added this to the v2.2.0 milestone Jul 28, 2016
@hadley hadley added bug an unexpected problem or unintended behavior ready labels Jul 28, 2016
@hadley hadley closed this as completed in 271e31a Jul 28, 2016
@hadley hadley removed the ready label Jul 28, 2016
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hadley commented Jul 28, 2016

The problem is that you need to provide a surface - i.e. for each value of x and y you should only have one z value. I've tweaked the docs and added an message to detect this case, but I suspect you're looking for a different geom (or need to do some preprocessing first).

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Understood, thanks!

It wasn't really much of a problem for me, because the geom_raster(), geom_tile(), and geom_rect() functions are so flexible & powerful that I could just use them to accomplish the nearly same thing, and then effectively make a "filled contour", like your last example on the docs:

v + geom_raster(aes(fill = density)) + geom_contour(colour = "white").

(Except without the + geom_contour(colour = "white")... removing the geom_countour() does not impact the quality of the plot too much.)

@lock lock bot locked as resolved and limited conversation to collaborators Jun 19, 2018
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