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question about encoding in the catalog_file #312

antuki opened this issue Sep 6, 2017 · 5 comments

question about encoding in the catalog_file #312

antuki opened this issue Sep 6, 2017 · 5 comments
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antuki commented Sep 6, 2017


I'm trying the very useful "read_sas" function to load results of a french survey.

read_sas(data_file, catalog_file = NULL, encoding = NULL,
cols_only = NULL)

The "encoding" option works well when i want to change data_file encoding.
But it seems that the catalog_file i'm using has not the same encoding than my data_file and the encoding option does'nt seem to have an effect on catalog_file's encoding.

Do you know if there is a solution to change catalog_file encoding from R ?

Thank you

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hadley commented Jan 7, 2018

Can you please provide a minimal reprex (reproducible example)? The goal of a reprex is to make it as easy as possible for me to recreate your problem so that I can fix it: please help me help you!

If you've never heard of a reprex before, start by reading "What is a reprex", and follow the advice further down the page. Please make sure your reprex is created with the reprex package as it gives nicely formatted output and avoids a number of common pitfalls.

(@evanmiller just in case, does this ring any bells? It certainly looks like readstat_parse_sas7bcat uses parser->input_encoding)

@hadley hadley added the reprex needs a minimal reproducible example label Jan 7, 2018
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@hadley It sounds like you may want to provide an additional catalog_encoding option that you pass to the catalog parser.

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hadley commented Jan 7, 2018

Oh hmmm. That might be a better reading of the question than mine.

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antuki commented Jan 8, 2018

I think @evanmiller may have a good understanding of my question.
Here is a reprex.
The reprex package gave me a strang encoding for the french output (compilé for example) in my browser so I manually changed it so that you can see what I obtain in my R session.
You can download the 2 files I used here : (I don't know if we can read sas files directly from github ?)
the dataset : dataset_format.sas7bdat
the formats : formats.sas7bcat
As you can see in the result "à1" is correctly written in the dataset but not in the label which comes from the formats ("< e0 >1").

      #> Warning: le package 'haven' a été compilé avec la version R 3.3.3
      sas_base <- read_sas(data_file="dataset_format.sas7bdat", catalog_file = "formats.sas7bcat", encoding = NULL,cols_only = NULL)
      #> <Labelled character>
      #> [1] à1 à2 à3
      #> Labels:
      #>  value             label
      #>     à1 modalit<e9> <e0>1
      #>     à2 modalit<e9> <e0>2

      #> Session info -------------------------------------------------------------
      #>  setting  value                       
      #>  version  R version 3.3.2 (2016-10-31)
      #>  system   x86_64, mingw32             
      #>  ui       RTerm                       
      #>  language (EN)                        
      #>  collate  French_France.1252          
      #>  tz       Europe/Paris                
      #>  date     2018-01-08
      #> Packages -----------------------------------------------------------------
      #>  package   * version    date       source                          
      #>  backports   1.1.1      2017-09-25 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  base      * 3.3.2      2016-10-31 local                           
      #>  datasets  * 3.3.2      2016-10-31 local                           
      #>  devtools    1.13.3     2017-08-02 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  digest      0.6.12     2017-01-27 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  evaluate    0.10.1     2017-06-24 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  graphics  * 3.3.2      2016-10-31 local                           
      #>  grDevices * 3.3.2      2016-10-31 local                           
      #>  htmltools   0.3.6      2017-04-28 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  knitr       1.17       2017-08-10 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  magrittr    1.5        2014-11-22 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  memoise     1.1.0      2017-04-21 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  methods   * 3.3.2      2016-10-31 local                           
      #>  Rcpp        0.12.13    2017-09-28 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  rmarkdown   1.8        2017-11-17 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  rprojroot   1.2        2017-01-16 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  stats     * 3.3.2      2016-10-31 local                           
      #>  stringi     1.1.5      2017-04-07 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  stringr     1.2.0      2017-02-18 CRAN (R 3.3.3)                  
      #>  tools       3.3.2      2016-10-31 local                           
      #>  utils     * 3.3.2      2016-10-31 local                           
      #>  withr 2018-01-08 Github (jimhester/withr@df18523)
      #>  yaml        2.1.14     2016-11-12 CRAN (R 3.3.3)

Thanks !

@hadley hadley added feature a feature request or enhancement and removed reprex needs a minimal reproducible example labels Jan 8, 2018
@hadley hadley closed this as completed in a1065fd Jan 16, 2018
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lock bot commented Jul 15, 2018

This old issue has been automatically locked. If you believe you have found a related problem, please file a new issue (with reprex) and link to this issue.

@lock lock bot locked and limited conversation to collaborators Jul 15, 2018
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