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Python Bindings for vJoy (
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pyvjoy is a set of Python bindings for vJoy (

With this library you can easily set Axis and Button values on any vJoy device.  
Low-level bindings are provided in pyvjoy._sdk as well as a (hopefully) slightly more 'Pythonic' API in the pyvjoy.VJoyDevice() object.

Currently vJoyInterface.dll is looked for inside the pyvjoy directory only so place the desired version of that file there to use. (Note: this library currently only works with the x86 dll!)

"Pointy's Joystick Test App" is very useful when testing vJoy and this library:


import pyvjoy

#Pythonic API, item-at-a-time

j = pyvjoy.VJoyDevice(1)

#turn button number 15 on

#Notice the args are (buttonID,state) whereas vJoy's native API is the other way around.

#turn button 15 off again

#Set X axis to fully left
j.set_axis(pyvjoy.HID_USAGE_X, 0x1)

#Set X axis to fully right
j.set_axis(pyvjoy.HID_USAGE_X, 0x8000)

#Also implemented:


#The 'efficient' method as described in vJoy's docs - set multiple values at once
>>> <pyvjoy._sdk._JOYSTICK_POSITION_V2 at 0x....> = 19 # buttons number 1,2 and 5 (1+2+16) = 0x2000 0x7500

#send data to vJoy device

#Lower-level API just wraps the functions in the DLL as thinly as possible, with some attempt to raise exceptions instead of return codes.

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