Sends notifications from Veeam Backup & Restore to Slack
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Veeam Backup and Restore Notifications for Slack

Sends notifications from Veeam Backup & Restore to Slack

Chat Example

Discord fork

MS Teams fork

Slack setup

We'll be using PowerShell to get started with this.

Please connect to your Veeam server and open PowerShell as an administrator. I ask that you open PowerShell on your Veeam server as some of the instructions will not work over a remote PS session. You may use a remote PS session and adapt the instructions if you like, but I'm not responsible if you break anything (though that would be quite hard to do with what I'm telling you to do here).

1. Create destination directory

Make a scripts directory: C:\VeeamScripts

New-Item C:\VeeamScripts PowerShell -type directory

2. Download the project

There may be later releases so take a look and replace the version number in the commands below with the latest if applicable.

Download the archive and rename it to something recognisable.

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile C:\VeeamScripts\

You may recieve an SSL error as in some cases winhttp uses TLS1 by default (depends on a few things), and GitHub appears to no longer accept TLS1. If you receive this error, run the following command and then re-issue the above command.

[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12

3. Extract and clean up

Expand-Archive C:\VeeamScripts\ -DestinationPath C:\VeeamScripts
Ren C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications-2.4 C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications
rm C:\VeeamScripts\

4. Prepare for use

Edit your config file. You must replace the webhook field with your own webhook.

notepad.exe C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\config\conf.json

You may also need to set your PowerShell execution policy to Unrestricted.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

If you don't want to do that, replace the script path in section 5 below with the following

Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\SlackNotificationBootstrap.ps1

Unblock the script files if you're still having issues after setting the PowerShell execution policy. The reason you may need to do this is Windows often blocks execution of downloaded scripts.

Unblock-File C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\SlackNotificationBootstrap.ps1
Unblock-File C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\SlackVeeamAlertSender.ps1
Unblock-File C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\Helpers\Helpers.psm1

5. Configure in Veeam

Repeat this for each job that you want to be reported into Slack.

  • Right click the job and click "Edit".
  • Go to the "Storage" section and click on the button.
  • Go to the "Scripts" tab and configure as shown below. screen
Powershell.exe -File C:\VeeamScripts\VeeamSlackNotifications\SlackNotificationBootstrap.ps1