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Welcome to Tilburg Science Hub | Onboarding Guide!

We have written this wiki to make your onboarding experience as smooth as possible. It contains valuable information on how the Tilburg Science Hub-Team collaborates on projects - both our core platform as well as research & teaching projects supported by our lab.

Why onboarding?

With Tilburg Science Hub, we disseminate open science practices to the research and student community - at Tilburg and beyond. Our goal is to make research more reproducible and more efficient. Take a tour of Tilburg Science Hub now!

Our approach is different from how you may have organized your work before. We ask you to invest time and effort in learning new skills and tools before you can fully enjoy working on projects. By the way, many of these skills and tools are already featured on our core platform in the form of tutorials, building blocks (code snippets), or examples. This wiki also helps you get more familiar with the various initiatives and resources provided by Tilburg University.

Getting started

  • Are you a team member (e.g., Research Assistant), Ph.D. student and/or co-author, or student? ➡️ Please get started using the sidebar menu!
  • Are you a researcher or co-author? ➡️ See our quick start-up guide for external researchers.
  • View our 2024 onboarding tutorial (website, GitHub)


If you want to share your feedback, questions, and suggestions about this wiki, please reach out to us directly or via As a member of the Tilburg Science Hub team, you can edit these pages yourself!

We thankfully acknowledge the Gslab-econ RA Manual and the Whitaker Lab, on the basis of which this wiki has been started.

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