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Chess engine that I hacked up in grad school
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This is a chess engine that I programmed in grad school (C++). I'm sure a lot of the code is bad/could have been done better. Looking at the code I couldn't find the tests, which is a good sign that I messed something up.

I did most of the search stuff and stopped active development when the engine needed to understand the "goodness" of a board.

Major points:

  • In order to add new functionality at this point I need to do some serious refactoring.

  • Main refactoring targets are the search code and the xboard code. The bitboard/move generation code is a little large, but seems to have been written in an okay fashion.

  • Very bad at improving its position/advantages in the middlegame, basically it will wait for you to mess up.

  • Fails to castle in "obvious" situations

  • Bad at enemy/own king safety (there is code, it doesn't seem to work)

  • I think I fixed this during a 2010 refactor

  • Need to do a fairly deep search (4M nodes) to work out Lucena endgame

  • Something wrong with timing code: even on checkmate next move will search for 5 seconds (might be a bug in how we handle xboard messages)

  • I think I fixed this during a 2010 refactor

Minor points:

  • Code is pretty bad.

  • I got a lot out of looking at crafty source code (hopefully the resemblence is not too obvious).

  • There are some epd chess board files that I used to test this engine that I have not included in this repo as they are not open source.

  • apep supports parts of the Winboard Protocol v1 If you load it in xboard/winboard it should play against you without error. It is a little wonkier with analysis. Work is in progress to fix these bugs.

  • Work is not in progress, I'm not updating this repo

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