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Sample project for the Tilt getting started tutorial

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Tilt Avatars - Getting Started Sample Project

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Tilt Avatars is a small sample project used by the Tilt Getting Started guide.

It consists of a Python web API backend to generate avatars and a Javascript SPA (single page app) frontend. If you are not a Python or Javascript guru, don't panic! The focus of this project is on introducing the Tiltfile and other Tilt concepts: the services are demonstrative to support the guide, but you do not need to understand the code within them to be successful.

We also know that no two projects are alike! This project uses Dockerfiles with Docker as the build engine and kubectl friendly YAML files. These only cover a small subset of Tilt functionality but have been chosen to minimize dependencies.

Even if you're using other technologies (e.g. podman or helm), we recommend starting here to learn the Tilt fundamentals. After you're comfortable with how Tilt works, we've got a more comprehensive guide on authoring your first Tiltfile from scratch that covers much more.


You'll need to first install Tilt and prerequisites (Docker + local Kubernetes cluster).

Once you've installed Tilt, clone this repo and launch Tilt:

git clone
cd tilt-avatars
tilt up

Need Help?

Join us on the Kubernetes Slack in #tilt!