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Scripting language in the form of a Delphi/Lazarus component
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Creole Forth - a scripting language in the form of a Delphi/Lazarus

Forth is a simple stack based language commonly used in resource-constrained 
systems. I don't normally work in those environments. Developing my own version 
of Forth gave me the opportunity to use it on my own projects. 

My scripting language takes many of the best features of Forth and adds it own
unusual set of features. It is nearly trivial to add to any Delphi or Lazarus
application - simply drop the TCreole component on a form, set a few properties
and call an initialization method, and then submit commands to it. 

As an extensible embedded language it has some similarities to Tcl. However, it
is much simpler in terms of both code and in the ease a developer can add extensions
to the language. 

Creole Forth's features include strings as first-class objects, simple codebase 
(about 3000 lines), and easy extensibility.

sources - sources used to build TCreole sources
demoapp - executable demo of Creole Forth functionality</p>

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