An AR Tetris (unity3d+vuforia)
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Tetris AR

download apk form google play

About Tetris AR

  • platform is vuforia
  • use virtual button to control the game (more about virtual button, please visit the link below)

Screenshots & Videos

  • buttons position buttos position

  • Screenshots

tetris ar 1 tetris ar 2 Tetris AR 3

  • videos

** Preview **

** Recording**

How To Use

  • print the imgae target
  • apply a vuforia key
  • past the key to "App License Key" in ARCamera
  • run ^_^
  • use a card or something like, to press the buttons (for now, there are three buttons, left, right, rotation)
    • left button is at tail of the eagle
    • right button is at left swing of the eagle
    • rotation button is at right swing of the eagle (why these 3 positions, please visit about buttons position )

Problems For Now

  1. very important, need another better image target better tetris target (for now, I do not have a printer, so the target is not changed)