An integration of Transloadit with custom progressbar and support for jQuery.validate
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What is this?

This is a javascript implementation of a custom Uploader for Transloadit ( This serves as a showcase about how to render your own progress bar and how to integrate Transloadit with jQuery.validate (

How to install

On your webpage make sure to:

After that create the following html code on your webpage:

  <div class="js_upload">
    <form action="/">
    <!-- your form code here -->
    <div class="progress js_progress"></div>
    <div class="js_error_url">http://url-to-redirect-to-if-there-is-an-upload-error</div>

And finally call the transloaditUpload() function on your upload div:



Validation rules for the jQuery validate plugin need to be directly made in the code of your fork of the plugin.