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@tim740 tim740 released this 29 Aug 15:37
· 3 commits to master since this release

Minecraft Version Required: 1.12.1 +


Minor edits


**Fixed nether wart block conflict on 1.10+**
`nether(_| )wart(_| )block¦s` **===>** `nether(_| )wart(_| )plant[(_| )block]¦s`
`freshly(_| )planted(_| )nether(_| )wart¦s` **===>** `[freshly](_| )planted(_| )nether(_| )wart[(_| )block]¦s`

**Fixed "There are no aliases defined for the following ids: 438, 441" warning**
You can use `splash[(_| )]woter[(_| )]bottle¦s` and `lingering[(_| )]woter[(_| )]bottle¦s` now.
The old types `splash(_| )potion¦s` and `lingering(_| )potion¦s` were not working.

### **Fixed log types completely**
This update seperates log _items_ and log _blocks_.

**You can understand changes with examples:**
- If you want to give or drop something like `log` or `jungle log`; that is exactly safe! No missing texture or game crashes. You can use `oak log item` too.
- If you set a block to `log`, it would set the block to a random log with random direction. If you specify tree type like `acacia`, it will set the block to acacia log but upside-down always.
- If you want to check if a block is any log, use `log block`. If you want to check if a block is a specified log; you can use `oak log`.
- If you give something like `oak log block` or `log block` to a player, it may be missing texture. 
**So don't give/drop "log blocks".**
**More optional things**
- "block" optional on `wool` types
- "mob" optional on `mob spawner` type
- "ous" optional on `poisonous potato`
- "en" optional on `golden carrot`
- "rocket" optional on `firework rocket`
- **So many missing optional spaces and undercores.**
- optional space between "book shelf/es"

- south-north and west-east log block directions. 
- Missing "oak" to `dark oak sapling` item type (optional).
- `quartz ore` to `ores` collection.
- `Ender Dragon head`.
- `experience bottle` type.
- `iron bar[s] block` and `iron fence/wall` (you can still use `iron bars`). 
- "armo**u**r" support to `armor stand`.
- Optional "item" to `emerald`.

- `fence` to `[any] fence` (fix) and added `oak fence`.
- `jack-o-lantern¦s` to `jack(-| )o['](-| )lantern¦s`.
- `iron open[ed] trapdoor¦s` to `open[ed](_| )iron(_| )trapdoor¦s`.
- `iron closed trapdoor¦s` to `closed(_| )iron(_| )trapdoor¦s`.
- `mossy(_| )cobble[stone]` to `moss[y](_| )cobble[(_| )stone]`

- "junsgle" typo.