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(load "NuMongoDB")
(set collection "geo.places")
(set mongo (NuMongoDB new))
(puts "connecting")
(mongo connectWithOptions:(dict host:""))
(puts "connected")
(set count (mongo countWithCondition:nil inCollection:"places" inDatabase:"geo"))
(puts count)
(if NO
(puts "building")
;; rebuild the place database
(mongo dropCollection:"places" inDatabase:"geo")
(set N 200)
(N times:
(do (i)
;(set latitude (* i (/ 180 N)))
(N times:
(do (j)
;(set longitude (* j (/ 180 N)))
(set latitude (/ (% (NuMath random) 180000) 1000))
(set longitude (/ (% (NuMath random) 180000) 1000))
(set place (dict name:(+ "location-" i "-" j)
location:(dict latitude:latitude longitude:longitude)))
(mongo insertObject:place intoCollection:collection)))))
(mongo ensureCollection:"geo.places" hasIndex:(dict location:"2d") withOptions:0))
;; search the place database
(puts "querying")
(100 times:
(do (i)
(set cursor (mongo find:(dict location:(dict $near:(dict latitude:70 longitude:80))) inCollection:"geo.places"))
(set i 0)
(while (and (cursor next) (< i 10))
(set object (cursor currentObject))
(puts (object description))
(set i (+ i 1)))
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