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Examples from the new 3rd edition of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, ported to Nu
Nu Objective-C
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01_NuWhatIsIt Speakline example
02_LetsGetStarted Removing unnecessary files
05_TargetAction/Speakline Speakline example
06_Helpers Fixed a couple spots where Cocoa constants weren't accessed in the cl…
07_KVC Beautified files in 07_KVC
08_ArrayController/RaiseMan Added Nukefile for Chapter 8 RaiseMan example.
09_Undo Fixed mix-up between 09_Undo/RaiseMan_A and 09_Undo/RaiseMan_B.
11_CoreData Added Core Data examples from Chapter 11.
12_MultiNib/RaiseMan Added RaiseMan example from Chapter 12.
14_Notifications/RaiseMan Chapter 14, mostly based on the nu translation of Chapter 12.
18_MouseEvents/ImageFun Added ImageFun example from Chapter 18.
28_WebServices/AmaZone Initial commit.
29_ViewSwapping/Departments Added view swapping example from Chapter 29.
32_CoreAnimation/LayerPolynomials Partial port of the LayerPolynomials example from Chapter 32.
34_NSTask Added NSTask examples from Chapter 34.
README Initial commit.


Cocoa Programming with Nu

This project contains selected examples from the new Third Edition
of Aaron Hillegass' Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X:

Individual directories contain both Xcode projects and Nukefiles.
All examples require Nu (

Contributors, please follow the style used in 28_WebServices/AmaZone.

Tim Burks
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