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The quickest way to send Slack messages from your  Watch.

Get in touch with your Slack Teams quickly, with Poggy!

Prepare canned Slack messages and send them directly from your Apple Watch with a single tap.
Save yourself from the unproductive feeling of typing a message without having read the previous 200.

Support for multiple Slack teams included!

Here are few common case scenarios where Poggy would help increase your productivity and do not waste time:

  • Notify your co-workers you will be late for work directly from bed and avoid to read anything on the channels that could jeopardize your deserved sleep after last night's party

  • Warn your team instantly and on the run when the ice-cream truck is downstairs! No need to stop and type on a device, run for it and just tap your watch to deliver that sweet message.

  • Spread instant happiness with a single tap in the developers' channel, letting them know about the latest design change

  • Set up an urgent meeting with the whole team about that last deployment to roll back

  • Let everybody know about the new monthly acquisition and name change

  • Ask the dev team if the feature the sales team wanted ready before they asked for it, it's done

  • Notify the team about the daily backlog's priorities change

These are just few of the very common case scenarios where Poggy will help be more productive and feel better with yourself!

Save time, feel better and enjoy living longer!

 Watch App Screenshots:

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iPhone App Screenshots

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Trigger actions from your  Watch




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