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Booking.js by Timekit

Make a beautiful embeddable booking widget in minutes running on the Timekit API.

⚠️ This is version 3 of booking.js that supports the new projects model and uses App Widget Key for authentication.

  • Version 1/2 will not be supported anymore

Booking.js Screenshot


All documentation, guides and examples can be found on our developer portal.

This repo is mainly for community contributions, and the curious soul that would like to customize the widget.


See Issues for feature requests, bugs etc.

License attributions

The json-schema v0.2.3 package is used pursuant to the BSD-3-Clause license

Setting up locally

Checkout this new project locally using git command showed below:

# go to timekit workspace
cd ~/timekit-io

# clone this new project loacally
git clone

# install depedencies
yarn install

# run bookingjs project
# for local testing use: http://localhost:8081
yarn dev

How to publish changes to npm

make sure you upgrade version number in package.json file follow sementic versioning

  • run ```yarn test``
  • test manually to make sure widget works fine
  • merge your changes to master and pull master branch locally
  • make sure your changes are uptodate and clean
  • run following commands
# login as tulipnpm user
yarn login

# commit and publish new changes
yarn publish