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@RobAtticus RobAtticus released this Nov 21, 2017 · 771 commits to master since this release

Please note: This update may take a long time (minutes, even hours) to
complete, depending on the size of your database

High-level changes

  • Initial PostgreSQL 10 support. TimescaleDB now should work on both PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10. As this is our first release supporting PG10, we look forward to community feedback and testing. Some release channels, like Ubuntu & RPM-based distros will remain on 9.6 for now
  • Support for CLUSTER on hypertables to recursively apply to chunks
  • Improve constraint handling of edge cases for DATE and TIMESTAMP
  • Fix range_start and range_end to properly handle the full 32-bit int space
  • Allow users to specify their desired partitioning function
  • Enforce NOT NULL constraint on time columns
  • Add testing infrastructure to use Coverity and test PostgreSQL regression tests in TimescaleDB
  • Switch to the CMake build system for better cross-platform support
  • Several other bug fixes, cleanups, and improvements

Notable commits

  • [13e1cb5] Add reindex function
  • [6594018] Handle when create_hypertable is invoked on partitioned table
  • [818bdbc] Add coverity testing
  • [5d0cbc1] Recurse CLUSTER command to chunks
  • [9c7191e] Change TIMESTAMP partitioning to be completely tz-independent
  • [741b256] Mark IMMUTABLE functions as PARALLEL SAFE
  • [2ffb30d] Make aggregate serialize and deserialize functions STRICT
  • [c552410] Add build target to run the standard PostgreSQL regression tests
  • [291050b] Change DATE partitioning to be completely tz-independent
  • [ca0968a] Make all partitioning functions take anyelement argument
  • [a4e1e32] Change range_start and range_end semantics
  • [2dfbc82] Fix off-by-one error on range-end
  • [500563f] Add support for PostgreSQL 10
  • [201a948] Check that time dimensions are set as NOT NULL.
  • [4532650] Allow setting partitioning function
  • [4a0a0d8] Fix column type change on plain tables
  • [cf009cc] Avoid string conversion in hash partitioning
  • [8151098] Improve update testing by adding a rerun test
  • [c420c11] Create a catalog entry for constraint-backed indexes
  • [ec746d1] Add ability to run regression test locally
  • [44f9fec] Add analyze to parallel test for stability
  • [9e0422a] Fix bug with pointer assignment after realloc
  • [114fa8d] Refactor functions used to recurse DDL commands to chunks
  • [b1ec4fa] Refactor build system to use CMake


  • @jgraichen for reporting an issue with drop_chunks not accepting BIGINT
  • @nathansgreen for reporting an edge case with constraints for TIMESTAMP
  • @jonmd for reporting a similar edge case for DATE
  • @jwdeitch for a PR to cover an error case in PG10
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