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2.14.0 (2024-02-08)

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@antekresic antekresic released this 08 Feb 15:15
· 187 commits to main since this release

This release contains performance improvements and bug fixes since the 2.13.1 release. We recommend that you upgrade at the next
available opportunity.

In addition, it includes these noteworthy features:

  • Ability to change compression settings on existing compressed hypertables at any time.
    New compression settings take effect on any new chunks that are compressed after the change.
  • Reduced locking requirements during chunk recompression
  • Limiting tuple decompression during DML operations to avoid decompressing a lot of tuples and causing storage issues (100k limit, configurable)
  • Helper functions for determining compression settings
  • Plan-time chunk exclusion for real-time Continuous Aggregate by constifying the cagg_watermark function call, leading to faster queries using real-time continuous aggregates

For this release only, you will need to restart the database before running ALTER EXTENSION

Multi-node support removal announcement
Following the deprecation announcement for Multi-node in TimescaleDB 2.13,
Multi-node is no longer supported starting with TimescaleDB 2.14.

TimescaleDB 2.13 is the last version that includes multi-node support. Learn more about it here.

If you want to migrate from multi-node TimescaleDB to single-node TimescaleDB, read the
migration documentation.

Deprecation notice: recompress_chunk procedure
TimescaleDB 2.14 is the last version that will include the recompress_chunk procedure. Its
functionality will be replaced by the compress_chunk function, which, starting on TimescaleDB 2.14,
works on both uncompressed and partially compressed chunks.
The compress_chunk function should be used going forward to fully compress all types of chunks or even recompress
old fully compressed chunks using new compression settings (through the newly introduced recompress optional parameter).


  • #6325 Add plan-time chunk exclusion for real-time CAggs
  • #6360 Remove support for creating Continuous Aggregates with old format
  • #6386 Add functions for determining compression defaults
  • #6410 Remove multinode public API
  • #6440 Allow SQLValueFunction pushdown into compressed scan
  • #6463 Support approximate hypertable size
  • #6513 Make compression settings per chunk
  • #6529 Remove reindex_relation from recompression
  • #6531 Fix if_not_exists behavior for CAgg policy with NULL offsets
  • #6545 Remove restrictions for changing compression settings
  • #6566 Limit tuple decompression during DML operations
  • #6579 Change compress_chunk and decompress_chunk to idempotent version by default
  • #6608 Add LWLock for OSM usage in loader
  • #6609 Deprecate recompress_chunk
  • #6609 Add optional recompress argument to compress_chunk


  • #6541 Inefficient join plans on compressed hypertables.
  • #6491 Enable now() plantime constification with BETWEEN
  • #6494 Fix create_hypertable referenced by fk succeeds
  • #6498 Suboptimal query plans when using time_bucket with query parameters
  • #6507 time_bucket_gapfill with timezones doesn't handle daylight savings
  • #6509 Make extension state available through function
  • #6512 Log extension state changes
  • #6522 Disallow triggers on CAggs
  • #6523 Reduce locking level on compressed chunk index during segmentwise recompression
  • #6531 Fix if_not_exists behavior for CAgg policy with NULL offsets
  • #6571 Fix pathtarget adjustment for MergeAppend paths in aggregation pushdown code
  • #6575 Fix compressed chunk not found during upserts
  • #6592 Fix recompression policy ignoring partially compressed chunks
  • #6610 Ensure qsort comparison function is transitive


  • @coney21 and @GStechschulte for reporting the problem with inefficient join plans on compressed hypertables.
  • @HollowMan6 for reporting triggers not working on materialized views of
  • @jbx1 for reporting suboptimal query plans when using time_bucket with query parameters
  • @JerkoNikolic for reporting the issue with gapfill and DST
  • @pdipesh02 for working on removing the old Continuous Aggregate format
  • @raymalt and @martinhale for reporting very slow query plans on realtime CAggs queries