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Don't Break The Chain Exporter


The dbtc_exporter package will install a dbtcexporter command line tool on your system. It uses Beautiful Soup, Twill, and your Don't Break The Chain credentials to log in to and save your chains to a CSV file.

It will optionally save your chains to a JSON file for easy hacking.


Creating a virtualenv is optional but recommended.

$ git clone
$ cd dbtc_exporter
$ python install

Want to hack on it instead? Scratch out that last line and run this instead:

$ python develop


$ dbtcexporter -u my_username -p my_password -c my_dbtc_chains.csv --json-debug-output=my_dbtc_chains.json

The last two options are just that, optional. No provided CSV location will print your chain data to sys.stdout. No json-debug-output will simply skip the debug output step.