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FlameGraphs is a package that adds functionality to Julia's Profile standard library. It is directed primarily at the algorithmic side of producing flame graphs, but includes some "format agnostic" rendering code.

You might use FlameGraphs on its own, but users should consider one of its downstream packages:

  • ProfileView, a graphical user interface (GUI) based on Gtk for displaying and interacting with flame graphs
  • PProf, an interactive, web-based profile GUI explorer, implemented as a wrapper around google/pprof. Has excellent support for interaction, filtering, aggregation, and viewing source code. But note that it loses the sample ordering information captured in FlameGraphs.
  • Juno, a development environment that supports profile visualization
  • ProfileVega, the recommended package for display in Jupyter notebooks
  • ProfileSVG, a package for writing flame graphs to SVG format
  • ProfileCanvas, which exports the profile viewer from the VSCode extension to the REPL and Pluto

See the documentation for details.