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Update slate rc file.

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timhtheos committed Oct 19, 2016
1 parent 3c61661 commit 017f072353b1ab763f2092944d745b403314a5d1
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5 slate
@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@ bind r:a,ctrl focus 'Finder'
bind s:a,ctrl focus 'Skype'
bind t:a,ctrl focus 'Tubbler'
bind v:a,ctrl focus 'VLC'
bind y:a,ctrl focus 'Goofy'
bind z:a,ctrl focus 'Franz'

# Window Hints.
bind esc:cmd hint
@@ -24,3 +26,6 @@ bind u:a,ctrl undo

# App switcher.
# bind tab:cmd switch # At some point, the switcher runs from 2nd to the last item.

# Bind shortcut for grid tiling of window(s).
bind d:a,ctrl grid padding:5 0:6,3 1:8,2

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