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Tools to helper review packages for inclusion in Fedora
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fedora-review: Tools to help review packages for inclusion in Fedora

This tool automates much of the dirty work when reviewing a package
for the Fedora Package Collection.

- Downloading SRPM & SPEC from Bugzilla report
- Build and install package in mock
- Download upstream source
- Check md5sums
- Run rpmlint
- Generate review template with both manual & automated checks serving
  as a starting point for the review work.

fedora-review is still under heavy development.


* IRC: #fedora-review @ freenode
* Mailing list:
* wiki:

fedora-review is licensed under GPLv2+, for more details check COPYING.

Clone the source using:

    $ git clone -b devel

Alternative repository for users wishing to use github:
git:// You might consider cloning
another branch e. g., a release branch. However, 'master' branch is
probably not what you want.


Install dependencies:

    # yum install mock
    # yum-builddep fedora-review.spec

The mock requirement is not hard, it's possible to use fedora-review
without mock when always using the --prebuilt/-p option. This means
that packages must be built using other tools e. g., koji. Generally,
installing without mock is not recommended.

Running from git

After downloading (above) use try-fedora-review:

    $ cd FedoraReview
    $ ./update-version
    $ ./try-fedora-review --help

To run from any directory, install try-fedora-review according to
instructions in that script. update-version only needs to run once.


    $ nroff -man fedora-review.1 | more
    $ fedora-review --help

There's more in the wiki (above).


As of 0.4, fedora-review has two plugin interfaces:

 * The native python interface used by modules in the src/checks
   directory. This is the most complete, and is required e. g., when
   defining a new group of tests for a new language. This is
   descibed in the project wiki, at

 * The script interface used by scripts in the scripts/ directory.
   This is a small interface designed to make it possible to write
   simple tests in plain bash. This is covered in the wiki, at

The json-based interface which existed in earlier versions has been

Bugs and issues
Follow link in the wiki.
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