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A NativeCall binding to the Cairo 2d graphics library for Perl 6
Perl 6
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Cairo 2D Graphics library binding for Perl 6


use Cairo;
given Cairo::Image.create(Cairo::FORMAT_ARGB32, 128, 128) {
    given$_) {
        .rgb(0, 0.7, 0.9);
        .rectangle(10, 10, 50, 50);
        .fill :preserve; .rgb(1, 1, 1);

Native Cairo library

In order to use this module, native Cairo library is needed. See instructions at


doc/screenshot/arc-negative.png arc-negative.png

doc/screenshot/arc.png arc.png

doc/screenshot/clip-image.png clip-image.png

doc/screenshot/clip.png clip.png

doc/screenshot/curve-rectangle.png curve-rectangle.png

doc/screenshot/curve_to.png curve_to.png

doc/screenshot/dash.png dash.png

doc/screenshot/fill-and-stroke.png fill-and-stroke.png

doc/screenshot/fill-style.png fill-style.png

doc/screenshot/gradient.png gradient.png

doc/screenshot/image-pattern.png image-pattern.png

doc/screenshot/image.png image.png

doc/screenshot/multi-page-pdf.pdf multi-page-pdf.pdf

doc/screenshot/multi-segment-caps.png multi-segment-caps.png

doc/screenshot/rounded-rectangle.png rounded-rectangle.png

doc/screenshot/set-line-cap.png set-line-cap.png

doc/screenshot/set-line-join.png set-line-join.png

doc/screenshot/svg-surface.svg svg-surface.svg

doc/screenshot/text-align-center.png text-align-center.png

doc/screenshot/text-extents.png text-extents.png

doc/screenshot/text.png text.png

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