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A Sketch plugin to quickly share multiple artboards with an optional title.

Download and installation

  1. Download the plugin ZIP.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and double click "Quick Presentation.sketchplugin". It will be automatically installed into Sketch.

Create an artboard around selected artboards

Plugins → Quick Presentation → Without Titles

Generate artboard without titles

Create an artboard around selected artboards and add a title above each

Plugins → Quick Presentation → With Titles

Generate artboard with titles

Customize the plugin

To edit: Plugins → Quick Presentation → Settings

  • Are you designing at 1x, 2x, or 3x?: Defaults to 1 for designing at 1x. Change it to '2' if you're designing at 2x. Do not include 'x'.
  • Margin around presentation: Sets the margin around your presentation. Default: 20
  • Artboard Background Color: Sets the artboard background color. Default: #E6E6E6. Only enter hex values.
  • Presentation Artboard Title: Sets the title for the new artboard presentation that will be created. Default: example
  • Default screen titles instead of artboard name: This is an optional setting to set the text for screen titles. If this is empty, it will use the artboard title as the text.
  • Screen Title Font: Font type for titles above artboards. Default: Helvetica
  • Screen Font Color: Font color for titles above artboards. Default: #2F5060. Only enter hex values.
  • Screen Font Size: Base font size for titles. This will double when docSize set to 2. Default: 18
  • Add Shadow Behind Artboards: Draw a shape with shadow behind each artboard (true or false)
  • Shadow Color (Hex value only): Sets shadow color, if shadow is turned on.
  • Shadow Opacity (0-1): Sets shadow opacity.
  • Shadow Offset X: Sets shadow X offset.
  • Shadow Offset Y: Sets shadow Y offset.
  • Shadow Blur Radius: Sets shadow blur radius.
  • Shadow Spread: Sets shadow spread radius.
  • Export Format: Set export format for presentation.

Feature requests and feedback

Ping me on twitter or follow for updates.

Special thanks

to Jason Burns for help on getting the artboard to the back.

to Ale Muñoz for help on adding the setting menu within Sketch.


A Sketch plugin to quickly share multiple artboards with an optional title.






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