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Android Photoshop Tools

The Android Photoshop Tools are some small tools, meant to simplify the design process of Android applications in Photoshop. The different tools are described further down.


To install the tools do the following steps:

  1. Download all files (use the ZIP button above).
  2. Move all .jsx and .js files to the Photoshop Script folder
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CSx\Presets\Scripts\
    • Mac: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CSx/Presets/Scripts/
  3. Move the AndroidTools directory to its place:
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\
    • Mac: /Library/Application Support/
  4. If you now start Photoshop, you can start the tool you want via File->Scripts->TOOL NAME.
  5. You can now set shortcuts for the scripts in the shortcut menu.

How To Update

If you want to update, from a previous version, you do the following steps:

  1. Remove all previous android script files from the Photoshop script folder (for destination see point 2 under installation). (All the scriptnames contain the word Android.)
  2. Remove the AndroidTool directory (destination see point 3 under Installation).
  3. Continue with regular Installation notices.

If you placed some additional icons or elements in the AndroidTool folder, make sure you have a backup of them to place them after installation again.

It is not absolutely necessary to delete the old version, you could also just copy the new version over the old one. But sometimes file names changed or have been moved, so you will leave orphaned (or double) files in your folders.


This tools are licensed under MIT license and are thus free to use, modify and distribute however you wish.

The Android Icons and Sources belong to Google and were downloaded from Refere to that page for usage information.

The device frames are from the official Device Art Generator ( and the Device Frame Generator (


All tools have been tested with Adobe Photoshop CS5, but hopefully will also work with other versions (from CS3 and above).

If you find errorsm have problems using the tools or suggestions on how to improve them, drop me a notice. You can reach me either via the Github Issues for this project, my mail address ( or most of the time in the #android-dev channel on

Android Icons

Screenshot of Android Icons

This tool allow easy access to the Android Action Bar Icons.

You can search for icon names and chose a Holo theme (either by selecting in the UI or by pressing Alt + D (Holo Dark) or Alt + L (Holo Light)). If you click on an icon in the list (or press Enter for the first item in the list), it will be placed in a new layer in your currently active document.

All Icons are mdpi resolution, since also the Android sources are in mdpi resolution.

You can use this tool also for additional icons. Just place them (must be png files) into AndroidTools/Icons/holo_dark or AndroidTools/Icons/holo_light (see Installation above for the location of the AndroidTools folder).

Android Elements

Screenshot of Android Elements

This tool allow easier access to different Android elements.

You works nearly the same, as the Android Icons tool does. Some elements might have different states, orientation or similiar (indicated by an arrow behind the name). If you click on these (or press Enter, for the first item in the list), you will be shown all variations of this element. Select one to see its preview and double click it to insert it into your current document.

You can use this tool also for additional elements. Just place them into AndroidTools/Elements/holo_dark, AndroidTools/Elements/holo_light or AndroidTools/Elements/holo (for elements, that are the same in Dark and Light theme). You can either place a file (any format Photoshop can open) directly into that folder, or use an arbitrary deep folder structure for different states, orientation and such. If you want a preview image for these elements, place a png image into the AndroidTools/Elements.thumb/ folder under the same sub folder and with the same name (except the file extension).

New Android document

Screenshot of New Android document

This tool allow easy creation of a new document, containing a device frame, navigation and statusbar.

Just start the tool via the script menu (or set a shortcut) and select the device type and size, the orientation and if the tool should add the navigation and/or statusbar to the new document.


Some small tools for Photoshop to help creating Android mock-ups







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