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A lightweight wrapper class and associated functions, adding extended functionality and ease of use to the pyds9 package.

The main aims are:
  • To provide python bindings for common actions, in order to avoid frequent use of error prone ds9.set(some_command_string), etc.
  • To make complex interactions with multiple frames more streamlined.

Prerequisites: ds9, xpa, pyds9

Note that this mini-project is very much in the alpha stage - essentially I threw it together during an afternoon, and I'm currently adding functionality as and when I need it. As such, there is not yet any packaging or testing, let alone suggestion of reliability. (Note a quick and dirty method of installation is to symlink the ds9_ex folder from ~/.local/python2.7/site-packages )

I've decided to publish the code anyway as
  • It might attract the attention of collaborators / perhaps this sort of functionality could be integrated into the original pyds9 package.
  • It might save somebody some time by functioning as a template.
  • I'm trying to move towards a practice of 'publish everything when possible' , and this seemed like a good place to start.

I'm also quietly pleased with the @per_frame function decorator. This takes a function and binds in an additional wrapped version with the prefix all_ that will apply the action to all frames, so for example implementing a zoom function:

foo.zoom_to(4) # zoom active frame to 4x

trivially provides the same functionality for all frames:

foo.all_zoom_to(4) # zoom all frames to 4x

Applying the same action to all frames is particularly useful when say, panning around filtered and original versions of an image, in tandem.

Comments and collaborators very welcome!


Extensions to the pyds9 package, providing easy scripting of the ds9 fits file viewer from python.



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