Variable-order CRFs with structure learning
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Variable-order CRFs


We assume that you are running the Anaconda Python distribution. This code uses Python 2.

Type the following in your terminal and you should be good to go!

$ make
$ make install
$ make test

To grab some POS tagging data run, e.g., English UD data,

$ make data/UD/English

Here is an example invocation for training a model

$ python vocrf/pos/ --tag-type upos --lang English \
    --C .01 --budget 1500 \
    --inner-iterations 1 --outer-iterations 2 \
    --initial-order 0 --max-order 0 --context-count 5 \
    --dump /tmp/foo

(To quickly test the model on some real data, pass in the --quick flag, which will run on a small subset of data.)