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MkDocs plugin for setting revision date from git per markdown file, with support for localization
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MkDocs plugin that enables displaying the date of the last git modification of a page. The plugin uses babel and timeago.js to provide different localized date formats. Initial fork from mkdocs-git-revision-date-plugin.


(Example when used together with mkdocs-material theme)


Install the plugin using pip with the following command:

pip install mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin

Next, add the following lines to your mkdocs.yml:

  - search
  - git-revision-date-localized

If you have no plugins entry in your config file yet, you'll likely also want to add the search plugin. MkDocs enables it by default if there is no plugins entry set.


In supported themes

In theme templates

In templates you can use page.meta.git_revision_date_localized:

{% if page.meta.git_revision_date_localized %}
  Last update: {{ page.meta.git_revision_date_localized }}
{% endif %}

In markdown pages

In your markdown files you can use {{ git_revision_date_localized }}:

Last update: {{ git_revision_date_localized }}



To change the date format, set the type parameter to one of date, datetime, iso_date, iso_datetime or timeago. Default is date. Example outputs:

28 November, 2019           # type: date
28 November, 2019 13:57:28  # type: datetime
2019-11-28                  # type: iso_date
2019-11-28 13:57:26         # type: iso_datetime
20 hours ago                # type: timeago


Specify a two letter ISO639 language code to display dates in your preferred language.

  • When used in combination with type: date or type: datetime, translation is done using babel which supports these locales
  • When used in combination with type: timeago then timeago.js is added to your website, which supports these locales. If you specify a locale not supported by timeago.js, the fallback is English (en)
  • When not set, this plugin will look for locale or language options set in your theme. If also not set, the fallback is English (en)


Example of setting both options:

# mkdocs.yml
  - git-revision-date-localized:
    type: timeago
    locale: en


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