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AMF library for NodeJS
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You're recommended to use an active fork of this library instead of this version.

I wrote this library several years ago, but I no longer do any Flash work and have no use for this library myself. I don't even have a Flash compiler on my system to test pull requests.

As Github doesn't provide a mechanism to retire projects, this will live here for posterity.


AMF module for NodeJS by Tim Whitlock


A pure JavaScript implementation of AMF designed for NodeJS. Can be used to create an AMF web services gateway over HTTP allowing a Flash Player client to communicate with a remote server.

Run "node test.js" to perform a simple serialize & deserialize test. Check that the output matches the variables show in the script.

To test a simple AMF gateway: configure and run the HTTP server in examples/http-server, then configure and run the Flash client in example/http-client.

Also in this project is some experimental work implementing RTMP. This should probably be split into its own project.


  • The AMF library is largely complete and working, but not thoroughly tested.
  • The RTMP work is experimental and not ready for use.

Known issues

NodeJS has a habit of changing and depreciating function names. If you get missing function errors, then you need to upgrade NodeJS. See

AMF0 is only partially supported, due to it being depreciated. AMF3 should be used by all clients.


node-amf is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses, See LICENSE.

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