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Tingbot SD card build system

Build Status

This repo builds two products:

  • tingbot-os.deb: a deb package that can be installed onto Raspbian Jessie to create the 'Tingbot OS'.
  • disk.img: an SD card image with tingbot-os.deb preinstalled, ready for flashing to an SD card. This image also includes some extra stuff specific to an initial install - a specific build of SDL, and a program for expanding the SD card partition on first boot. See


This file is used to upgrade an existing Tingbot. It's downloaded by tbupgrade.


The base is the Raspbian distribution, on which Tingbot-specific stuff is added. The image is booted inside an ARM emulator, using the vm-setup, vm-build, and vm-cleanup scripts. The script runs on the Pi, which is where tingbot-os.deb installed.


  • qemu (and expect on linux)

    brew install qemu (MacOSX)
    sudo apt-get install qemu expect (Debian/Ubuntu)


Just run make build. The first run might take a while, as the raspbian image must be downloaded. Subsequent runs will be faster.