Simple data binding for Unity
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Simple data binding for unity.


  1. Import package file DataBind.unitypackage into Unity
  2. Add DataBindContext to parent object
  3. Add Bind* components to children
  4. Use dataBindContext[key] = value to bind values

Check out Demo/DemoScene for details.

Bind Text

Surround keys with double curly braces in UI Text and set values in parent DataBindContext

alt text

var context = GetComponent<DataBindContext>();
context["Username"] = "Bobby";


alt text

Custom Binds

Package contains components for binding UI Text, UI Image's sprite and UI Graphics's color. Custom binds can be created simply by implementing IBindable interface.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class BindPosition : MonoBehaviour, IBindable
	private Transform m_Target;
	private string m_Key;

	public void Bind(DataBindContext context)
		if (context.ContainsKey(m_Key)) {
			m_Target.position = (Vector3)context[m_Key];

Bind any property

You can bind any two properties using BindProperty component. Currently, there is no type checking. If destination property is of type String, then source will be converted using ToString method.

alt text