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Web site for TinyGo compiler.
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TinyGo Web Site

This is the web site for TinyGo.

Built using Hugo:

and the Hugo "Learn" theme:


Install Hugo command line tool for your operating system.

Clone this repo using:

git clone

Change directories into the tinygo-site directory:

cd tinygo-site

Install the "Learn" theme:

git submodule update --init

Now you should be able to run the site locally:

hugo serve

Once the site code is running locally, you can navigate to it by going to http://localhost:1313

Deploy to GH Pages

Perform the one time setup of getting the gh-pages branch into your local tree:

git checkout gh-pages
git checkout master

Now, assuming you have the correct permissions, you can deploy the site code.

Commit all changes to master.

Run script.

That's it.


  • Generate custom godocs for all tinygo build tags, add to "Documentation" section, and point Godocs links there.
  • Activate search.
  • Custom domain for all packages
  • ?
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