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This release adds support for Go 1.17, fixes a bunch of compiler bugs (especially for WebAssembly), and adds support for a few new boards including boards based on the ESP32-C3 chip.

  • command line
    • add support for Go 1.17
    • improve Go version detection
    • add support for the Black Magic Probe (BMP)
    • add a flag for creating cpu profiles
  • compiler
    • builder: list libraries at the end of the linker command
    • builder: strip debug information at link time instead of at compile time
    • builder: add missing error check for ioutil.TempFile()
    • builder: simplify running of jobs
    • compiler: move LLVM math builtin support into the compiler
    • compiler: move math aliases from the runtime to the compiler
    • compiler: add aliases for many hashing packages
    • compiler: add *ssa.MakeSlice bounds tests
    • compiler: fix max possible slice
    • compiler: add support for new language features of Go 1.17
    • compiler: fix equally named structs in different scopes
    • compiler: avoid zero-sized alloca in channel operations
    • interp: don't ignore array indices for untyped objects
    • interp: keep reverted package initializers in order
    • interp: fix bug in compiler-time/run-time package initializers
    • loader: fix panic in CGo files with syntax errors
    • transform: improve GC stack slot pass to work around a bug
  • standard library
    • crypto/rand: switch to arc4random_buf
    • math: fix math.Max and math.Min
    • math/big: fix undefined symbols error
    • net: add MAC address implementation
    • os: implement os.Executable
    • os: add SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, and SEEK_END
    • reflect: add StructField.IsExported method
    • runtime: reset heapptr to heapStart after preinit()
    • runtime: add subsections_via_symbols to assembly files on darwin
    • testing: add subset implementation of Benchmark
    • testing: test testing package using tinygo test
    • testing: add support for the -test.v flag
  • targets
    • 386: bump minimum requirement to the Pentium 4
    • arm: switch to Thumb instruction set on ARM
    • atsamd: fix copy-paste error for atsamd21/51 calibTrim block
    • baremetal,wasm: support command line params and environment variables
    • cortexm: fix stack overflow because of unaligned stacks
    • esp32c3: add support for the ESP32-C3 from Espressif
    • nrf52840: fix ram size
    • nxpmk66f18: fix a suspicious bitwise operation
    • rp2040: add SPI support
    • rp2040: add I2C support
    • rp2040: add PWM implementation
    • rp2040: add openocd configuration
    • stm32: add support for PortMask* functions for WS2812 support
    • unix: fix time base for time.Now()
    • unix: check for mmap error and act accordingly
    • wasm: override dlmalloc heap implementation from wasi-libc
    • wasm: align heap to 16 bytes
    • wasm: add support for the crypto/rand package
  • boards
    • add DefaultUART to adafruit boards
    • arduino-mkrwifi1010: add board definition for Arduino MKR WiFi 1010
    • arduino-mkrwifi1010: fix pin definition of NINA_RESETN
    • feather-nrf52: fix pin definition of uart
    • feather-rp2040: add pin name definition
    • gameboy-advance: fix ROM header
    • mdbt50qrx-uf2: add Raytac MDBT50Q-RX Dongle with TinyUF2
    • nano-rp2040: define NINA_SPI and fix wifinina pins
    • teensy40: enable hardware UART reconfiguration, fix receive watermark interrupt