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Terraform Gandi Provider

This provider allows managing DNS records on the Gandi LiveDNS service.

This provider doesn't provide access to the other Gandi API (; if you want to contribute, don't hesitate!


go build -o terraform-provider-gandi


This example partly mimics the steps of the official LiveDNS documentation example, using the parts that have been implemented as Terraform resources. Note: sharing_id is optional. It is used e.g. when the API key is registered to a user, where the domain you want to manage is not registered with that user (but the user does have rights on that zone/organization).

provider "gandi" {
  key = "<the API key>"
  sharing_id = "<the sharing_id>"

resource "gandi_zone" "example_com" {
  name = " Zone"

resource "gandi_zonerecord" "www" {
  zone = "${}"
  name = "www"
  type = "A"
  ttl = 3600
  values = [

resource "gandi_domainattachment" "example_com" {
    domain = ""
    zone = "${}"

This example sums up the available resources.

Licensing and stuff

This provider is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License version 2.0. See the LICENSE file.

Its main author is not affiliated in any way with Gandi - apart from being a happy customer of their services.

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