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First of all WikiImporter is a lame name! It is a set of tools for importing Wikipedia dumps to CouchDB. The parser currently only extracts the page ID, title, text, version ID and the timestamp of the latest change. For CouchDB document IDs currently the page title is used.


To install the required dependencies just run:

bundle install

Getting started

Try ./bin/ enwiki http://localhost:5984/enwiki and have a look at what your Couch is doing :)

What's in the box?

WikiImporter consists of 4 tools:

  • ./bin/getlatestdumpurl.rb, a helper to get the URL to the latest Wikipedia dump
  • ./bin/wikixml2json.rb, a parser for processing the XML dump and spitting out JSON objects (separated by newlines)
  • ./bin/couch_upload.rb, a tool for reading JSON objects from STDIN, batching them and upload them to CouchDB
  • The fourth tool is ./bin/, which just invokes the other three tools and chaining them together. It requires two parameters: 1) the wiki language you want to import, 2) the full target CouchDB URL.

Try --help on ./bin/wikixml2json.rb and ./bin/couch_upload.rb to get more information.

./bin/getlatestdumpurl.rb takes one optional parameter which determines the language of the dump you want to download. Examples: dewiki, enwiki.

Separated steps, more control

This is how you import the first 10000 articles from the German Wikipedia to your CouchDB running at http://localhost:5984/:

curl -X DELETE http://localhost:5984/dewiki
curl -X PUT http://localhost:5984/dewiki

curl `./bin/getlatestdumpurl.rb dewiki` -o data/dewiki.xml.bz2

bzcat data/dewiki.xml.bz2 | ./bin/wikixml2json.rb --max-pages 10000 > data_processed/articles.json

cat data_processed/articles.json | ./bin/couch_upload.rb --couch-url "http://localhost:5984/wiki" --max-chunk-size 1500000

Anything else?

WikiImporter also comes with a fulltext view (for couchdb-lucene), a show function and a view to play around with. Install them by: cd wiki && couchapp push http://localhost:5984/enwiki.