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Latest commit cd48f1d Jun 2, 2014 @terrorobe terrorobe Fix account enumeration in account manager
It was possible to enumerate the names and email addressess in the
account manager page when trying to delete an account.

Thanks to Tim Schaefers of internetwache.org for reporting this issue


This is the TitanPad.com Source-Code.

See README.EtherPad for the Original EtherPad open-source release README, incl.
most licensing info.

File Import/Export Notes

  * Get cos.jar from servlets.com/cos/, needs to go into infrastructure/libs
  * Install openoffice.org openoffice.org-dev msttcorefonts
  * Set etherpad.soffice=true
  * Use etherpad/bin/start-soffice

Environment Variables

You need to set a few envvars when building. These are:

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64
export JAVA="$JAVA_HOME/bin/java"
export PATH="$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH"
export MYSQL_CONNECTOR_JAR="/usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java.jar"
export OOJARS="/usr/lib/ure/share/java/juh.jar /usr/lib/ure/share/java/jurt.jar /usr/lib/ure/share/java/ridl.jar /usr/lib/ure/share/java/unoloader.jar /usr/share/libreoffice/program/classes/unoil.jar"