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Upload Dir Rules

by Christophersen

Rules and utilities to keep the SilverStripe assets directory tidy.

By installing this module and adding extensions to the objects you want affected, these objects will receive an associated folder inside of assets. Now instead of bluntly uploading everything to assets/Uploads your site will upload files more controlled - defaults are set, which are easy to override.

Each object's folder can subsequently easily be changed through the admin, which allows for sophisticated files & assets strategies.


Upload rules are enforced both when uploading through an upload field, but also when uploading through the text editor (thanks to the AssetsFolderAdmin extension)

This is especially helpful when working with Subsites (we're specifically catering for those with SubsitesUploadDirRules), but also helpful in general, or when needing a basic gallery, a downloads page, or anything else where you wont' want your files scattered all over the place.

Basic rules

The basic rules are defined in UploadDirRules::calc_base_directory_for_object(), basically putting all files related to DataObject into a dataobjects folder, everything related to SiteTree into a pages folder and everything related to SiteConfig into a site folder.

Overriding default upload dir rules

Just implement the UploadDirRulesInterface. Customization through SilverStripe's config is planned, send a pull request if you need it!

Rules can be anything, from just being a common folder to containing id and or title.


// Create directory based on the page name
function getCalcAssetsFolderDirectory() {
    if ($this->ID) {
        $filter = URLSegmentFilter::create();
        return $filter->filter($this->Title);
function getMessageSaveFirst(){
    return 'Please pick a name and save to create corresponding directory';
function getMessageUploadDirectory() {
    return null;
// Make sure that the directory is NOT saved before a page name has been chosen
function getReadyForFolderCreation() {
    if ($this->Title != 'New ' . self::$singular_name) {
        return true;

Planned enhancements

  • method that lists all rules for printing or display, alseo those set via UploadDirRulesInterface e.g.
    • pages: /my-subsite/pages/
    • siteconfig: /my-subsite/site
    • etc.
  • method that lists all objects and their asset folders
    • mainly for review / checking up, will probably be used on UploadDirRulesTestTask

Unit tests

This module will contain unit tests. Run like this:

vendor/bin/phpunit uploaddirrules/tests

Make sure that you've got phpunit set up:

composer require --dev "phpunit/phpunit:*@stable"

Test task

php ./public/framework/cli-script.php /UploadDirRulesTestTask

add flush=1 for first run...


Rules to keep the SilverStripe assets directory tidy







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