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Guess encoding of files, show in status bar, convert to UTF-8 from a variete of encodings..


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Since ST3 build 3057, the encoding menu has been moved to the status bar. See for settings to show encoding and line endings


Encoding Helper is a Sublime Text plug-in which provides the following features:

  • attempts to guess encoding of files
  • show when the current document is maybe broken because was opened with an incorrect encoding (or just because there is an encoding mismatch)
  • convert to UTF-8 from a variete of encodings organized in a menu.
  • convert to UTF-8 quickly from guessed encoding via menuitem
  • convert to UTF-8 automatically when opening a file via some defined encodings found on User preferences

You should know that attempt to guess the encoding of a file is hard and the results for some encodings is not 100% accurate. Also, is a task that consume CPU, for this reason this plug-in includes a lot of optimizations.



This package aims to assist you to convert your documents to UTF8. Has no intention to support the usage of other encodings than UTF8. Has no intention to assist in maintenance of files with other encodings, you should convert these to UTF8 if possible.

Some more info

  • I'm not an expert on encodings, don't talk to me as an expert. I just like a lot to build software compatible with every language using UTF-8
  • python chardet library is a port of chardet by Mozilla
  • python chardet library is a 'Gone' project
  • By looking for the null character '\0' on files, means that every UTF16 file will be marked as binary ( same as in git source )
  • When converting a file to UTF-8 from some other encoding, the plugin calls to with the selected encoding as argument. See
  • If you are going to report that some file is reported with an incorrect encoding, please upload the file as is to some reliable resource and provide detailed information. Please be informed that even doing this I'm unable to look into the low levels on why this is happening. This is just to collect data that maybe is informative to someone curious on this topic.
  • Just for fun, It would be nice if someone can create a dataset of pure txt files with every char found in a complete list of character sets. This: but with the files in this format: ( without html, without imgs, just text )


chardet library:

dataset small:

dataset huge:


ST linux and OSX codecs from



Download or clone the contents of this repository to a folder named exactly as the package name into the Packages/ folder of ST.

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See license.txt


Guess encoding of files, show in status bar, convert to UTF-8 from a variete of encodings..







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