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Adds Git commands and icons overlay to "Komodo Edit" and enhance Git commands on "Komodo IDE".


Right click on "multiple/single" "files/folders" of the "places" sidebar to apply commands on selected files which maybe are from different repositories.

To apply commands to focused document use the toolbarbutton, or there is also a git submenu on document and tab context menu.

Available commands:

Add & Commit
  o git add -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
  o git commit -m "promptMessage" -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
Add & Commit & Push
  o git add -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
  o git commit -m "promptMessage" -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders" 
  o git push

  o git commit -m "promptMessage" -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
Commit Undo
  o git reset --soft HEAD^

Commit Amend
  o git commit --amend -C HEAD -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
Commit All
  o git commit -a -m "promptMessage"

  o git status --untracked-files=all -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"

Diff Since Last Commit
  o git diff HEAD -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Diff betwen the latest tag and last commit
	  o git diff "lastTag"... -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Diff betwen the latest push and last commit
	  o git diff origin... -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Diff betwen the two latest tags
	  o git diff "prevToLastTag".."lastTag" -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"

Log stat last 30
  o git log -n 30 --stat --graph -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Log stat full
	  o git log --stat --graph -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Log extended last 30
	  o git log -n 30 -p -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Log extended full
	  o git log -p -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Log since last tag
	  o git log "lastTag"... --stat --graph --  "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Log since last push
	  o git log origin... --stat --graph -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Log between the two latest tags
	  o git log "prevToLastTag".."lastTag" --stat --graph -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"

  o git blame -- "/selected/paths/files/NOT/folders"

  o git tag "YYMMDD.Version"
	Tag Add
	  o git tag "promptMessage"
	Tag Remove
	  o git tag -d "promptMessage"
	Tag List
	  o git tag -l

Revert Discard changes to tracked
  o git checkout HEAD -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Revert Discard changes to tracked, clean untracked
	  o git checkout HEAD -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	  o git clean -f -d -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Revert Discard changes to tracked, clean untracked, unstage
	  o git checkout HEAD -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	  o git clean -f -d -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	  o git reset HEAD -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Revert Discard changes to tracked, unstage, clean untracked
	  o git checkout HEAD -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	  o git reset HEAD -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	  o git clean -f -d -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
	Revert Unstage
	  o git reset HEAD -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"

Checkout to
  o git checkout promptMessage -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
Checkout repo to
  o cd repoPath
  o git checkout promptMessage

  o git push
	Push, Push Tags
	  o git push && git push --tags 
	Push Tags
	  o git push --tags 
	Push with options…
	  o promptMessage
	  o git pull
	Pull with options…
	  o promptMessage
	  o git fetch
	Fetch with options…
	  o promptMessage 
	Remote add
	  o git remote add promptMessage
	Configure default remote
	  o git config branch.promptBranch.remote promptRemoteName

  o git clone promptMessage ./
  o git init

  o git add -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
  o git rm -r -f -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"
Remove Keep Local
  o git rm -r --cached -- "/selected/paths/files/or/and/folders"

Open Git Ignore
Add to Git Ignore

Liberal Git Command


To execute a Git command this add-on creates temporal shell scripts. On my fedora installation these are under /tmp/kGit/kGit-[1-n].sh

The add-on runs the scripts asynchronously /bin/sh "/tmp/kGit/kGit-[1-n].sh".

The output is redirected to "/tmp/kGit/kGit-[1-n].diff" and "on command complete" the file is opened in a new komodo tab, which shows the output with pretty colors.

GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007


Todo & know bugs:


NOTE: To clone this repository you should use the following command:

git clone --recursive git://

All versions Changes:

Changes From Latest Version:

  • 1.110804.13
    • Fix:
      • Icons not working on Mac.
    • Change:
      • Icons refresh only when required by user.
  • 1.110515.12
    • Fix:
      • Solves namespace issue between my own add-ons.
      • Forgot to remove the stylesheet when a window is unloaded.
      • Ensure we always have the hook to be able to display icons.
      • Prevents the hook to be added twice.
    • Improves:
      • Instead of updating the icons every x time, now the add-on watch the folders for modifications.
  • <b>1.110513.11</b>
    	  <li>Temporal folder is not deleted when closing application.</li>
    	  <li>Cleaned up interval/threads mess</li>
    	  <li>The notification is shown only if a tab is opened</li>
    	  <li>Disable the menus when the current document is from the extension it self</li>
    	  <li>Works with multiples windows</li>
    	  <li>Runs only if the window is focused</li>
    	  <li>Changes the home page to github</li>
    	  <li>Renames chrome/content to chrome/</li>
    	  <li>Renames defaults/preferences/kgit.js to defaults/preferences/preferences.js</li>
    	  <li>Separate xul into multiples files</li>
    	  <li>Better hierarchical for folders and overlays</li>
    	  <li>Use universal API see:</li>