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Gives an insight into where we are standing and what we plan as our next steps for the Tixl project.
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Gives an insight into where we are standing and what we plan as our next steps for the Tixl project.

We have set up a channel #github on our Discord server ( where all commit messages are shared.

In case you are interested in what we achieved before Q4 2019, please check our latest status updates on Medium.



Find a more detailed insight into the development status here.

  • Launch the Tixl Prototype

Token Sale

  • Token sale phase 3 start
  • Token sale phase 3 lockup period options
  • Setup Pipedrive with all potential private investors (VCs, family offices, etc.)
  • Approach all private investors from Pipedrive
  • Onboard one or more new advisors with the main goal of using their potential investors network



  • Blockchain Summit Malta (November 7-8)

    Update we posted about Malta in our Telegram chat:

    We recognized that attending conferences is not effective for Tixl at the moment. The travel costs and, more importantly, the time investment does not match the potentially returned business value. That is something different e.g., for the Dubai event where the event is all about investing. Accordingly, we will not attend any crypto/blockchain conferences for the time being unless a conference invites us for speaker slots on big stages. We still made some new contacts that could be helpful for the Tixl project, but the result didn't match our expectations. So that was probably the most significant learning for us.

  • Ritossa Family Office Summit (November 23-25)

Hodlers Club

  • Private Telegram group


Due to NDAs, not all planned marketing efforts will be listed here. Also we'll add items to this list step by step.

Tixl Global Reserve (TGR)

  • Medium Status Update
  • Legal clarification in regards to a potential "backing"


  • Security audits of the Tixl data structure, algorithms and cryptography
  • Performance and load tests of the Tixl network
  • Tixl mainnet launch (end of 2020)
  • Start to decentralize the Tixl network by adding the first external node to the consensus
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