A Java Application to create appropriate Drawable resources for your Android application
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Android Drawable Factory

An application to create appropriate Drawable resources for you Android app.

##Installation You can choose:

##Usage To open the application:

  • On Windows: double click on run.bat

  • On Gnu/Linux - OSX:

    • Open a terminal session
    • Type chmod +x run.sh
    • launch run.sh
  • Once opened, just click onto the image on the left of the windows and choose the drawable (.jpg or .png) you want to convert

Main window

  • Then click on browse and select your android project res folder's path.
  • In source density choose the density your image is drawn at
  • Select which density you want to create clicking on the checkboxes in the bottom of the window
  • click make and see the magic! :-)

###Credits Author: Tiziano Basile (aka Tizionario)