Proof of concept Daemons created to prototype's forthcoming git infrastructure and project module integration.
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git-error Git Daemons

This project is a proof of concept and intellectual excercise to demonstrate the use of SSH daemons and beanstalkd to maintain git repositories mapped to project module projects.

Drupal Git SSH Daemon


Installing Twisted

All install instructions are Ubuntu / Debian focused.

  • On Ubuntu, apt-get install python-twisted

Upgrading Twisted

  • Ensure that you have easy_install installed (on debian/ubuntu apt-get install python-dev python-setuptools).
  • Download Twisted 10.1.0 wget
  • Untar Twisted tar -xvf Twisted-10.1.0.tar.bz2
  • Move into the Twisted directory cd Twisted-10.1.0
  • Run the Twisted installer pyton install

Configure the daemon

  • Copy the default configuration file into the etc folder cp drupaldaemons.cnf.default /etc/drupaldaemons.cnf
  • Configure the daemon in the drupaldaemons.cnf to properly point to a local directory on your system and at your Drupal site where where Versioncontrol Project is installed and in use to manage permissions for your repositories.

Starting the daemon

For testing, the daemon can be started by moving into the root of this repository and typing ./

For a proper deployment, twistd should be used to run the daemon. If you have installed twisted via packages for your ditribution, you should have one init.d script that manages all of your twisted services. All you have to do is add the following line to the twistd configuration (usually located in /etc/conf.d/twistd). Replace [uid] and [gid] with the user and group you would like to use to run the daemon and replace the path with the path where you checked out this repository. Don't forget to ensure that the user and group you are using have write access to the folder you specified in your config file.

TWISTD_OPTS="--uid [uid] --gid [gid] -y /usr/local/bin/"

Next, run sudo /etc/init.d/twistd restart

BeanstalkD Repository Manager

The former beanstalkd repository manager has been deprecated in favor of the Versioncontrol Git Repository Module now included in the VersionControl Git Backend.