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#!/usr/bin/env node
var program = require('..');
.description('Fake package manager')
.command('install [name]', 'install one or more packages').alias('i')
.command('search [query]', 'search with optional query').alias('s')
.command('list', 'list packages installed')
.command('publish', 'publish the package').alias('p')
// here .command() is invoked with a description,
// and no .action(callback) calls to handle sub-commands.
// this tells commander that you're going to use separate
// executables for sub-commands, much like git(1) and other
// popular tools.
// here only ./pm-install(1) is implemented, however you
// would define ./pm-search(1) and ./pm-list(1) etc.
// Try the following:
// ./examples/pm
// ./examples/pm help install
// ./examples/pm install -h
// ./examples/pm install foo bar baz
// ./examples/pm install foo bar baz --force