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Installing git-extras

Installing with a package manager


$ sudo $apt_pref update
$ sudo $apt_pref install git-extras


$ sudo dnf install git-extras

RHEL/CentOS (requires EPEL)

$ sudo yum install git-extras


$ sudo apt-get install git-extras


$ nix-env -i git-extras

Mac OS X with Homebrew

$ brew install git-extras

Installing from Homebrew will not give you the option omit certain git-extras if they conflict with existing git aliases. To have this option, build from source.

Arch Linux


First, please install Git for Windows 2.x from ''. Second, clone the git-extras repo into any folder you like.

git clone
# checkout the latest tag (optional)
git checkout $(git describe --tags $(git rev-list --tags --max-count=1))

After that, execute the install.cmd in the command prompt. If you installed git as admin, you need to run this prompt as admin, too. Per default, it finds a Git for Windows 2.x if it's in the path (first path in where git.exe wins) or installed in the default location %ProgramFiles%\Git. The fallback is C:\SCM\PortableGit. If you didn't install git into one of these dirs, you have to supply the path for the install location, e.g. if git is installed in c:\git:

install.cmd "C:\git"

Last, to use git line-summary, git summary and git ignore-io, you need to copy column.exe from a msys2 installation from folder-your-msys2-installed/usr/bin to folder-your-git-installed/usr/bin or wait for git 2.7.1, which will include column.exe.


Use the instructions to build from source below. Make sure you are using gmake (GNU make) instead of make.

Building from source

Obtain the git-extras source by cloning its GitHub repo or downloading a tarball of a release. Then install it by doing make install from the source tree.

$ git clone
$ cd git-extras
# checkout the latest tag
$ git checkout $(git describe --tags $(git rev-list --tags --max-count=1))
$ [sudo] make install

By default, git-extras is installed under /usr/local. To install it at an alternate location, specify a PREFIX when calling make.

# Non-root users can install under their home directory
make install PREFIX=$HOME/software

# For third-party software kept under /opt
make install PREFIX=/opt

If you want to relocate the bulk of the installation but still have configuration files installed to the system /etc dir or other alternate location, you can specify SYSCONFDIR in addition to PREFIX.

$ sudo make install PREFIX=/usr/local SYSCONFDIR=/etc

See the Makefile for details on advanced configuration options.

Installing from network


curl -sSL | sudo bash /dev/stdin

Installing as Zsh plugin

Zplugin can install git-extras by using:

zplugin ice as"program" pick"$ZPFX/bin/git-*" make"PREFIX=$ZPFX"
zplugin light tj/git-extras

$ZPFX is ~/.zplugin/polaris by default. Use zplugin update tj/git-extras to update. This method installs in $HOME, so you don't need to ask administrator to install package.


If you installed git-extras with a package manager, use that package manager's tools to update it.

If you installed git-extras from source, you can run git-extras update to update it to the latest release. Be aware that this may lose any configuration options you specified during the original installation.

Enjoy git-extras!