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@hemanth hemanth released this · 12 commits to master since this release

Version 3.0.0 release named rid-star would not be possible without the wonderful contributions!

Special thanks to @spacewander @chernjie @markeissler :)

Checkout the changelogs:

  • Merge wiki into main repository #359.
  • Fix git tag substring extraction for bash 3.2. #36. Fixed #337, #338
  • Added support for git version below 2.2.0
  • git-merge-repo new command added by @imsky
  • add support for git version below 2.2.0
  • helper/reset-env : helper to prevent GREP_OPTIONS from causing issues.
  • git-guilt new command added by @spacewander.
  • show-merged-branches new command was added by @paulschreiber
  • Preserve "svn" branch for git-svn. Fixed #328
  • Fixed tag trapping when HEAD and tag point to same commit.
  • Fixed gitflow commit history output.
  • Updated bash completions for better-changelog.
  • Complete rewrite to support commit ranges for pretty and list output.
  • Support ~ in add_patterns for git-ignore
  • Support ~ in show git-ignore
  • Added merge-into to merge two branches quickly
  • git-fresh-branch: Check for changes and prompt for input before nuking. (Issue: #142)
  • gh-pages was fixed to stash and don't delete files by @cironunes.
  • Allow empty initial commit when setup repo, fixed by @pfctgeorge
  • git-summary correctly displays project name #317 by @jykntr
  • git scp #300 by @chernjie
  • use standard git editor in git-authors & git-changelog by @code42day #315
  • custom-commit-message custom commit message options support by @snowyu
  • Fix missing closing curly brace in by @wooorm.
  • git-delta new command by @imsky
  • git-authors new command by @wooorm
  • git-scp -- Copy files to SSH compatible git-remote by @chernjie .
  • git-chore new command by @ckhall.
  • Fix typo in in git ignore message.
  • symlink git-rscp to git-scp
  • Merge pull request #299 from /git-delete-branch
  • When deleting a branch check if git has config by @jonanp #299
  • @spacewander added more bash completion functions
  • @GuillaumeSeren added ref completion to git-missing.
  • Revert "Ignore *.html and *.1 auto-generated files in man/"
  • Make will not assume man pages already exists by @RasmusWL
  • Ignore man/git-*.html and man/git-*.1 by @jguenther
  • Remove auto-generated files man/git-.html and man/git-.1
  • changelog to release as optional flag by @tsldh
  • Merge pull request #289 from /feature/mktemp
  • Use mktemp for temporary file creation by @mavant
  • #288 from @dead-horse made release hook more flexible.
  • @benjaminparnell added --no-color to git-delete-merged-branches
  • git-info: POSIX compliance by @valeriangalliat


Version 2.2.0

@hemanth hemanth released this · 169 commits to master since this release

  • Update mktemp command to work on Mac OS X
  • Merged pull request #273 from spacewander/master
  • New command git root to show the path to root of repo
  • Merged pull request #271 from bohnman/git-rename-tag-fix
  • Merged pull request #272 from spacewander/master
  • Correct the format of
  • Replaced visionmedia/git-extras to tj/git-extras
  • Merged pull request #270 from kevinawoo/hotfix/git-locked
  • Added git-locked to check what files have been locked.
  • Merged pull request #268 from GuillaumeSeren/bug/git-missing
  • Fixed #267, git-missing did not catch branch name.

Special thanks to @spacewander :+1:


Version 2.1.0

@hemanth hemanth released this · 186 commits to master since this release

  • Fixes #266
  • Merge pull request #264 from jamesmanning/patch-1
  • fixed descriptions: match required/optional params
  • Merge pull request #263 from Yitsushi/bug/180-does-not-check-out-branch-if-it-already-exists
  • fix #180 and #232 feature|bug|refactor checkout
  • Merge pull request #262 from rstacruz/gh-259-git-pr
  • Implement git-pr
  • Merge pull request #261 from sanusart/master
  • FIX: representation of git-info
  • Merge pull request #260 from brandondrew/patch-1
  • import changes from a branch
  • Merge pull request #258 from spacewander/master
  • use mixin to add 'is git repo' check for some commands
  • Merge pull request #255 from sanusart/master
  • Bump version in bin/git-extras


Version 2.0.0

@hemanth hemanth released this · 203 commits to master since this release

This version has major updates and fixes!

Below are the list of changes that went into this version:

  • Merge pull request #254 from spacewander/master
  • add welcome in git-repl
  • Merge pull request #253 from tailored-tunes/master
  • Added option to specify base
  • Merge pull request #252 from sorbits/patch-1
  • Update homebrew URL and remove ‘buggy’ label
  • Merge pull request #250 from sanusart/master
  • ADD: git-reset-file
  • Merge pull request #248 from rstacruz/patch-1
  • Readme: document git-delete-merged-branches
  • Merge pull request #247 from visionmedia/perm_fix
  • File perms fix.
  • Merge pull request #242 from sanusart/fix_feature_refactor_bug
  • Merge pull request #244 from toksea/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #243 from sanusart/issue234
  • Fix wrong git-info heading level in
  • Revert 2 commits to git-changelog
  • Fix feature|refactor|bug testing argument for string lenght
  • Merge pull request #240 from egrim/bug/delete-merged-branches-clobbers-master
  • Update docs to match git-delete-merged-branches behavior
  • Exempt master from deleted branches
  • Merge pull request #239 from bruno-/refactor_git_squash
  • Refactor and improve git squash
  • Merge pull request #238 from techjacker/feature/git-fork
  • add git-fork
  • Merge pull request #236 from jbnicolai/align-authors-git-summary
  • Uses column -t to align summary output in a table.
  • Merge pull request #221 from zlx/feature/git-summary-doc
  • Merge pull request #224 from StewartJarod/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #189 from rhacker/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #235 from sanusart/patch-1
  • FIX: check if un-pushed commits
  • Merge pull request #202 from julionc/protecting-files
  • Update with lock and unlock commands
  • git-unlock Unlock local files in git repository
  • git-lock Lock files in git repository
  • Merge pull request #100 from niklasf/rebase-patch
  • Add git-rebase-patch
  • Merge pull request #200 from emkay/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #195 from carlcasbolt/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #181 from zeroDivisible/feature/handle-misspellings
  • Merge pull request #193 from pzelnip/git-setup-no-overwrite
  • Merge pull request #183 from chernjie/master
  • Merge pull request #220 from sanusart/master
  • Merge pull request #63 from justone/git_missing
  • Merge pull request #173 from accerqueira/master
  • Merge pull request #194 from makeusabrew/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #216 from stephenmathieson/fix/changelog-large-versions
  • Merge pull request #188 from twolfson/dev/add.multi.delete.squashed
  • Merge pull request #219 from jhoffmann/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #222 from jsipprell/pull/filenames-containing-spaces
  • Merge pull request #223 from mwoc/master
  • Merge pull request #229 from yggdr/master
  • Merge pull request #231 from petersohn/master
  • Make git-obliterate work if there are whitespaces in filename
  • invoke bash via /usr/bin/env for portability
  • improved Makefile with BINPREFIX
  • fixed Makefile uninstall target for man files
  • Letter spacing in author list
  • Use two-space indents for log entry output, so it again is debian changelog compatible (as before commit 1235e4a)
  • git effort: handle filenames containing whitespace cleanly
  • Add line-summary as an options --line & doc
  • Add check for no changes in the tree (no sub-modules)
  • Update
  • Fix changelog formatting for large version numbers
  • removing git promote
  • Update
  • Fix git-squash typo
  • Address issue #190, git-setup should test for existing .git in target directory
  • Add comment for the code
  • Added multi-delete for git-delete-branch and git-delete-tag Correcting typos Compiled latest documentation Applying changes from delete-tag to delete-branch for consistency Removed unnecessary string quotes (thanks git ref design) and everything works Tags are not being found with string concatenation Updated delete-tag to accept multiple tags Corrections for delete-branch Updating docs for delete-tag Added 'Todd Wolfson' to AUTHORS Updated documentation for delete-branch Moved deletions to concatenate strings and delete in one fell swoop Reworking delete-branch to delete multiple branches in series
  • git-create-branch: bug fix for branch creation use HEAD instead of origin
  • changed the code for git bug|feature|refactor to only accept single argument when not finishing a bug|feature|refactor. This is an easy solution to avoid misspelings of the word 'finish'
  • allow options to be passed through to git log
  • adding git-missing command

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this :)


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